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Items We Accept

We accept any electronic or mechanical device that plugs in or uses batteries, including:

  • Televisions, Monitors, Computers, Laptops, Servers
  • Audio & Games DVD Players & VCR’s Medical Equipment Routers
  • Cables & Wire Game Equipment Monitors Servers
  • Cameras Hard Drives Office Equipment Telecom Equipment
  • Cell phones High Voltage Items Optical Drives Telephone Equipment
  • Computers IPods & MP3’s Printers & Fax’s Test Equipment
  • Computer Parts Keyboards & Mice Remote Controls Car Batteries

We BUY Surplus and Obsolete e-waste!

In our effort to contribute to the community we now accept scrap metal, plastic and household batteries!
Compact Flourescent Light Bulbs and Household batteries - Accepted at Radio Shack, Home Depot, OSH * Please Call Ahead

For any toxic items like paint, solvents etc. you want to dispose of, please contact: 
Santa Clara County Hazardous Waste Department 
(408) 299-7300


For Large Appliances Please contact:
Jaco Environmental 
1 (800) 741-0172 

Click here for more information on Large Appliance Recycling and Rebates



The COMPLETE list of all items we can recycle are as follows:

CPUs, computers, servers, laptops, monitors, television sets, plasma TVs, networking equipment, personal electronics, industrial equipment, test equipment, wires, stereos, speakers, keyboards, mice, cell phones, home phones, office phones, phone systems, remote controls, radio equipment, LCD displays, laptops, all metals, circuit boards, wires, VCR, speakers, batteries, printers, toner & ink cartridges, lead acid batteries, car batteries, hard drives, digital cameras, switches, power supplies, modems, routers, circuit boards, RAM, mainframes, peripherals, copy machines.

What do YOU need to recycle?